Starzone 4000 Wiring Diagram

Acceptable Control Wire

When selecting an appropriate control wire to use with the Starzone 4000 system several factors must be considered. Wire jacket and insulation must meet local and federal standards for fire code and electrical isolation.

Non-shielded, twisted, 18 gauge solid 'control' or 'Fire Alarm' wire is generally recommended although lighter gauges of wire can be used as well. Wires or cables designed for audio, telephone, video, high frequency data communication, etc is not recommended.

STA Wiring Diagram

The STA may come with or without the damper included. When the damper is included the Duct Sensor will already be installed and wired at the factory. Wiring consists of a 5 conductor cable between the thermostat and damper, a 2 conductor cable between the transformer and damper, and when necessary another 2 conductor cable between the damper and duct sensor.

Two normally open (N.O.) contacts can be used to interface auxiliary heat components such as duct heaters and baseboards. When connecting auxiliary heat components ensure the contact ratings are less than one amp or provide an isolation relay.

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